Rosanna is an intuitive healer, ritualist and spiritual counselor who has devoted her life to the realization of Self through varied forms of meditation, the exploration and study of mysticism, spiritual science and human development. Among her greatest passions is inspiring others toward reawakening through tangible experiences of the divine within. She employs simple and practical tools to achieve such experiences, that also serve to increase overall well-being.

Rosanna primarily works in a manner which eventually enables you to do such work on your own. A teacher with many years of experience, she is committed to awakening you to your own inner wisdom, by engaging those tools and practices which will help you to serve your highest Self and the greater good.

Her newly developed Sound Activation Therapy (S.A.T.) combines ancient mantras, harmonic tones and meditative vocal exercises for the cultivation of higher consciousness, healing and overall well-being. S.A.T. is of value for anyone who cares to deepen their self awareness and experience greater harmony and energy in daily life. It is especially recommended for those with a desire to more fully express themselves vocally - public speakers, singers and those who wish to release any blockages on the way to reclaiming the power and integrity of their own voice. This blend of Eastern, Western, modern and ancient tools, bound to that which is intuited in the moment, has for many resulted in profound life-improving effects.

She will not predict your future, or heal your broken bones, but she will joyfully light your way as you journey toward your own becoming.

Other areas of focus to choose from include:

Grounding and cleansing energy
Re-balancing chakras
Cutting chords
Cleansing and restoring aura
Reviewing and updating spiritual contracts
Corresponding with spirit guides
Restoration of overall ethic

and much more ...

Rituals and Ceremonies

As an experienced ritualist, Rosanna is available to assist
you with all types of festivals, ceremonies and/or rites of passage. A minister in the Universal Life Church, and soon to be ordained priestess of the Goddess, she will create and perform:

Baby blessings
Marriage completion ceremonies
Coming of Age rites for Maidens, Mothers,
Crones or Knights, Fathers and Sages
Full moon and New Moon rituals
Solstice and Equinox festivals

and so much more ...

Spiritual Counseling

As a Spiritual Counselor, Rosanna will work with you
to determine the best course of action for your
spiritual evolution.

Spiritual Counseling sessions are intended for those
ready to rapidly advance to new levels of awareness,
integrity and excellence in their lives.

These sessions are designed to give you a structure
for the fulfillment of specific goals and require on your part
"homework" and post-session follow-ups.


All private sessions for healing and counseling
are $100 an hour. 

Ritual and Ceremony fees are determined based upon
the scope of work and time involved.

Trade is available on a case by case basis and payment schedules can be arranged for those who sincerely need it.

Benefits & Charities

Rosanna is happy to offer her healing services
for causes in alignment with her values and interests
when she is available. 

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