1. Peace of Mind
Written shortly after 9/11 its a song expressing a
desire to abandon of the constraints and illusions of need. It just gets
real in a really sweet way.

2. Carried Away
Written for my niece Lindsey Potter upon her birth. This
song carries all the wishes and a few pointers for a wonderful life.

3. Eternity
A poetic look at mortality, motivations, and the state
I'd like to be in before I die.

4. It's Up to You
A song inspired by the poetry of Baudelaire as well as the
question of what would you put your life on the line for?
Also written to help kick the blues on a rainy day.

5. Kiss the Sky
Written as a gift for McKenzie Amara's "Coming of Age" as a
woman. It links the realms of fantasy and childhood characters to the
dreams, visions and becoming of hopeful youth.

6. Best Friend
Written as an anniversary gift to Fay Freed and Ronn Landsman
but written with David Ferrera in mind. It speaks to the value recieved
from love and friendship

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