I Have Touched Love

I have touched love,
Like a child touches its lips
to Mother's breast without question.
Love has touched me, As a youth whose pulse pounds
with the anticipation of the next caress,
And as the seeker at last daring to ring the bell
upon the doorstep of God.

I have broken love,
Like a careless housemaid with a crystal vase.
And love has broken me,
Like a flash of lightening splits a granite stone.

I have restored love,
As an archeologist would the ancient crumbled bits of sacred text
And love has restored me,
As a gentle and consistent rainfall would a barren field.

In loves touch, I have ascended to heights of being
greater than I had dreamed possible.
In loves break, I have descended beyond despair
into the dark, the empty and the truly uncertain.

Yet in those places, I've uncovered the sheer power of will,
And found myself as an alchemist in the laboratory of being,
Possessing the keys of transformation!
So, boldly I will continue to love.
Love of self, love of life, love of others.

I can think of nothing more worthy.
I pity those who deny their passion,
As I would a rainbow empty of color.
How else shall we know we live?
I prefer the scandal of unfettered desire
To the tyranny of a calculating heart hidden in mock honor.

I prefer the scorching rays of light
Revealing my inadequacies
To the game show host security of false perfection.
To be filled with the impulse of joyous wonder,
To be lifted in witnessing the true beauty of another,
To cast off all boundaries and enter unforgettable union
To cause the inner eye to open,
And burglarize the mind of outdated paradigms -
those shoes of thought that do not fit.
Now there's a task! A Yes! A motive!
I prefer the overwhelm of challenge to the atrophy of unused potential.
And though some may judge and mock my square peg from their round holes, I hear the desperate whispers of their own hearts,
hopefully cheering me on.


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